Eve’s apple

Two out of the three global best-sellers of all times have this woman in common. Did you know that? In the beginning was this weird story involving a man, a woman, a snake and an apple. In spite of this inconsistent introduction, the Bible and the Coran did really well. Far better than Harry Potter (#5) or the Little prince (#6). I thought the first woman of humanity in a red bikini could make an interesting subject. In bikini of course because of censorship. Et voilà!

Don’t ask me why this idea of painting it on a polyptych. I just realized the origin of that word comes from those multi-panels paintings used as retables in the Middle Age. I swear that’s unrelated. What I remember though is that the format made the job significantly more challenging. I’m happy with the end result as you can see it above, being shot in fresh East winds. Every time I look at this piece, I wonder if Eve will end up biting into it or if she will keep on playing. What do you think?

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