La Marseillaise

That’s not a national hymn. It’s a brotherhood hymn rather. She is my youngest sister. She holds her little Marcello in her arms. She lives in Marseille. That’s all. Well actually… that’s not totally all. The above mentionned Marseillaise is also a talented graphist and a great digital painter . Unbeatable when it comes to  simplifying forms and colors.


The part of this painting I like most is the hand. Actually the shadow of the rings on the fingers. Fingers that hold the towel so tight to make sure the little guy will stay comfortable and safe. Quietly drying in the evening sun of La Clère after the last bath of the day.



Les garçons de l’été – Folio – the next summer novel

What will surfers read next summer? A Folio that will land in all good French book stores this week.. and might well be the novel of the season!


The title is adequate. But the writing seems to make the difference. Just check out all the critics of the blogueurs-dévoreurs-de-bouquin, read ELLE or ask the book stores who will be able to vote for it within the top ten of the prix des libraires . A partnership between Folio and Télérama.

The chosen cover for that book is a detail of my painting “Swell Sandra”, which was inspired by the great work of young Australian photographer, surfer and artist Kane Brown. The story of my encounter with Kane is ici.


Rebecca Lighieri, alias Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam, delivers here a devastating thriller. Family disintegration. Far from the relaxed atmosphere that reigned on the Australian Sunshine Coast the evening when the image that inspired this painting was born. The surf and the foam are nevertheless the link between the two scenes. I like the idea that a surf night inspired a photographer, whose work inspired a painter, whose canvas inspired a publisher. Thank you Gallimard and Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam. Good luck to “the boys of the summer”!

If you are lucky enough to be in Paris and want to see the original, it has been shown at  OFI art en 2016 and actually acquired by OFI Mécénat. Visible by appointment in Paris (17th).

“Out of the Blue” Exhibition in Amsterdam

When beer history meet contemporary creativity. Happy to have a show in this amazing building. Old stables of the Amstel brewery, this beautiful place is now The Thinking Hut. A secret spot that hosts the best creative brains of Amsterdam . You can have a contemporary beer at their bar from 9am to 6pm until end march. Details here.

Nothing but bubbles

To make bubbles under water. Blow a little air. Allow the body to better stay at the bottom. And the eyes to better admire these mercury balls jostling up to the surface. It’s like blowing glass without being limited by the raw material. Actually, yes. The raw material here is the air. And we must go back in search before diving again.


nothingbutbubbles-antoinerenault-art-2018- zoom

Make Jamie Chung happy

“Those paintings remind me of California. They make me happy and they make me smile”. To lighten a face like Jamie Chung ‘s is a fairly nice job.


My painting “Le cercle éternel des formes fugitives” seems to have achieved this! It is the first piece selected by Jamie on Limited Art by Saatchi to decorate her new appartment in Atlanta. I think this will keep me painting…

Jamie Chung has played in many movies, she is the gorgeous Valerie Vale on “Gotham”and the influential blogger behind WhatTheChung.

“To publish a first novel is like…

… an opening that does not end at 10pm”. I found this nice quote in a post describing the unique journey that a first novel can be.  Richard Labesque is actually right in it, in this endless vernissage. And by the way for your information, you are on the guest list!

"La source oubliée" Richard Labesque

“La source oubliée” Richard Labesque

I read “La source oubliée” (“The Forgotten Source”) in the shadow of a Greek eucalyptus. When I closed the book, I was proud that he had selected my painting “Rouge” for his cover. It feels really great to be chosen by another artist to accompany his work.

From Russia with love

I’m lucky enough to have followers in more than 45 countries who send nice messages about my work. Russians are one of the most active communities. This interview is a nice illustration of it. If we only met recently, you might learn one or two things about me reading this  English version. If you studied Russian, click on image below.



From out of the blue

The light of course attracted me in this image. The amber skin on the pink wall. But the sophisticated play of shadows especially.

"From out of the blue". 2017©AntoineRenault. acrylic on canvas 80x60cm

“From out of the blue”. 2017©AntoineRenault. acrylic on canvas 80x60cm

The very frank shadow of the hat on the face and on the shoulder. The more diffuse one that comes from the more distant trees. And the nearby ones: the own shadow of her left breast. Its shadow on the right breast.


Add a blue parrot coming from out of nowhere and let the photographer Lars Botten build a superbly graphic image. With the no less graphic silhouette of the young Portuguese rising model : Isilda Moreira.