L’âme adore nager (The soul loves to swim)

It comes from a Greek morning. At the foot of Oia, Santorini. I think that was the first swim of the summer 2013. 200 meters down a path in the red cliff, you reach luminous waters.

"L'âme adore nager" 2017©AntoineRenault  Acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

“L’âme adore nager” 2017©AntoineRenault Acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

The volcanic wall dominates you with all its mass and sinks towards the depths of the Caldera. This makes the first dive a bit intimidating. And then quickly, the pleasure of the water that wraps the body, the clouds of carefree colorful fishes. We forget the abyss and we fly. We felt very low five minutes ago. We suddenly feel very high. And we love it.

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The eternal circle of fugitive forms

To freeze reflections is to catch fugitive forms. They always look alike. And never stop turning into other forms. In an ever-changing unique composition.


I had in mind to paint this image for quite a long time. I asked myself two questions: will I find a way to make the luminosity of this moment? And how will I name this piece? The light finally came. The name is a piece of poem by Louise-Victorinne Ackerman. A French poetess whose name and work I did not know. But I like the music of these words and how they go with this painting.



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