Lia-antoinerenault-art-saatchiart-9There are 2 great joys in my life as an artist: the creative process by itself, and the connections triggered by the result of it. Once upon a time, there was a Catalan art lover who used to follow my work and chat through Instagram. Her Canadian New-Brunswicker lover, who happens to work in Amsterdam, started asking if there would be a way, by any chance, to celebrate their anniversary with a portrait of his soul mate. A first secret meeting with him takes place in my studio. We browse through available pictures while tasting some goof wine… hoping one of them would be triggering the inspiration. It actually happens with that image. I liked the attitude a lot. The eyes looking down, as if lost in her thoughts. The long hair that doesn’t stop spinning right under the warm Canarian wind. This interesting hand that hesitates between a gesture of control or thinking. Many stories can start from there. 

Work starts in may. In october, the canvas is varnished. November: we celebrate the final piece together in Amsterdam. December: the painting reaches its new sweet home in Barcelone. I have two new friends. Feeling lucky.






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