The island under Oia

Amoudi-Bay-swim-area-photo-from-the-godsavethescene-blogAt the bottom of the cliff. Sheltered from the crowd. Yet, a twenty meter swim is enough to reach this island. Perfect diving spot, the pebble is named Agios Nikolaos ( Saint Nicolas ). Make sense: there is a little white chapel on the rock, looking South towards the center of the Caldera. Resting there is a gift. Above your already tanned left shoulder, 100 meters of red cliffs with the village of Oia at the top, waiting to watch your dive. Under your feet, a crystal clear water, 400 meters deep!

So, yes, you can dive. And it’s extremely blue when you look down . Before you reach the surface, the reflections show is enhanced by the white of the chapel and the red of the cliffs . And when you eventually decide to emerge, it’s so breath taking that you don’t think of diving again at first. Just of staying there floating, swirling slightly to enjoy the panorama. And get used to this blissful smile that remains strangely hooked to your lips.

"Swinging lightly"  ©AntoineRenault2016   Acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

“Swinging lightly” ©AntoineRenault2016 Acrylic on canvas 100x70cm


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