Some have many lives

This painting was born on a quiet beach of Amorgos, Greece. A photograph taken from the edge of a fragile pier.

Pier of Levrossos beach

Pier of Levrossos beach

Powerful reflections playing with surface create by contrast this dark emerald green. My daughter flies right under the surface. Varnish was not dry yet when the painting was booked by a charming collector from Florida. She allowed me to feature it in two parisian exhibitions before shipping it above the atlantic ocean.

Antoine Renault's painting - cover of the art issue of 71% magazine

Antoine Renault’s painting – cover of the art issue of 71% magazine

A year later, the art director of “71%” asks for the copyrights in order to make the cover of a special art issue of his magazine. By the way, I quite like the name of it. Man is a being of water (65%) living on a planet of water (71%). Readers of this magazine enjoy it in their very own way, sailing on yachts of 150 feet and above. They will be 10 000 of them flipping this magazine through, in english or mandarin language.

In case you can’t own that kind of boat yet, you can still order the magazine there 🙂


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