From one cove to another

rocher de l'Anse Rouge noirmoutier antoinerenaultThose summer mornings… when the ocean is glassy, the sun hot and the tide high… Wind vanished. Schedules too. The rule of the family lunch tacitly gives in. Nothing can quite resist these weather conditions. Kids scatter on the beach, looking for their impromptu fun of the day. Like affording oneself a feast of swimming for example.

"Allée du Cob" ©AntoineRenault2016  acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

“Allée du Cob” ©AntoineRenault2016 acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

vue aérienne bois de la chaise antoinerenaultGo from one cove to another. From one bath to another. Dive from the Estacade, then from the rocks at l’Anse rouge, then from the pier at Les Souzeaux. Get back into the Bois de la Chaize, west side. Then finally turn right. The extent of La Clère appears in a wide panorama at the end of a canyon of holm oaks. The towel begins to be a bit wet by now. Can’t wait to find the hot sand again in a few feet. And to recognize this familiar landmark slightly to the right: the rock of the Cob.

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