Testing waters

Going back to the same place again. That’s fine. Sometimes it can be OK. This pier did not change. A bit more rusty after 2 years. It looks like it does not even care about the scary East wind storms.

™ Testing the Water - ©ARenault2015 - 40x60cm

™ Testing the Water – ©ARenault2015 – 40x60cm

levrossos terrasseAt the foot of the coolest restaurant on earth, it keeps on welcoming one or 2 little boats a day during high season. That’s where I took most of the photographs that inspired my 2014 paintings series. Water transparency is sublime. You fake you’re not sure you want to dive again… Let’s face it: you’re not feeling so bad either, on those warm old boards, whitened by the salt. Softly sanded by years of bare foot visitors bringing fresh fish and beer.

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