Sailing to heaven

Sailing to heaven ©antoinerenaultEarly days of September . My sailboat seems to guess the coming wintering. Last day of sailing . It better be good , it’s hard enough like that. Be entertaining , sporty , frank breeze. Or relaxing , charming , calm sea. There was the beautiful . True holiday gift . Light haze of those great sunny days that stretches through morning .

DSC_0175bGood friends on the beach. This is the day when I shot those pictures that would inspire “Duel de Sauterelles.” A swim, a picnic and aboard!

Glassy surface . Caressing breath , just enough to slide along the outline of the coast. From the anchorage to the port. Slowly. Time to enjoy the show. Completely . Eyes do their best to fill the memory. The more I watch this island, the more I find it beautiful . The more I miss her .

"Sailing to heaven"  ©2016 Antoine Renault    Acrylic on canvas  Triptych 3x80x40cm

“Sailing to heaven” ©2016 Antoine Renault Acrylic on canvas Triptych 3x80x40cm

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