Where does inspiration come from?

The excitement in front of a white canvas

How do ideas come? An intriguing topic for many art lovers, and sometimes a blocker for artists. Picasso used to say inspiration actually finds you, provided you are busy working. So true!

A bit like luck, inspiration favors prepared minds. Fine, but how can you be prepared? May be with an always on curiosity, the accumulation of rough ideas that sometimes need time to mature, and by meeting people who get you out of your comfort zone.

How did “L’Orangerie” come?

It’s the combination of many triggers. I had the idea of this image in mind for a long time, materialized by a small painted study. I like buns, and I think there is something very feminine and elegant in this gesture. A week before starting this painting, a visit to the Sam Szafran show at the musée de l’Orangerie was a revelation. His late obsession with philodendrons fascinated me. Finally, a week working with Mike Carson last fall had taught me a form of freedom in composition, and techniques that can make it interesting. All of these elements led to this project. Last but not least, it started at a time when I had been working at a steady pace for a while. It found me working.

Study for “L’orangerie”, acrylic on canvas 20x30cm

It’s a painting I’m proud. I don’t say this often but I feel like it’s a bit of a milestone for me. I’ve managed to keep myself from going too far a few times. Painting philodendrons, not really in a pattern, but without perspective logic. Not touching up the first draft except for the skin. Leaving the pool without blue water, not even the reflections (toughest temptation). Glazing the bottom of the painting with some red.

Can’t wait to see how the public will respond to it in my next Paris show (April).

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