Buy art… and let young pirates set sails!

antoinerenault-noirmoutier-lachaloupe-venteauxencheres-7“Only love and art make life bearable”. That’s what novelist William Sommerset Maugham thought. We can state in a simpler way that art is good for health: proven by neuroscience! Treating oneself with art or offering art is even better. Clear enough, art buying is a pleasure business, but… there is a supreme level of happiness: To treat yourself to art while supporting an inspiring program.

antoinerenault-noirmoutier-lachaloupe-venteauxencheres-4Good news for you guys, you can reach that by participating into the auction sales that takes place in Noirmoutier until August 17th, organized by the association La Chaloupe. My painting “l’échouage” (the beaching) won the contest for the poster of the 30th classic yachting regatta (Régates du Bois de la Chaise). I decided to donate the original painting to the association in order to support their program “boarding for children”. The auction benefits will fund the renovation of “La Fringante”, an old wooden ship that already helped thousands of kids to set sail for the first time. This boat requires some structural repair work.

Details of the auction are there (excuse my French…).I can help translate or participate if needed.

The original painting can be seen at “Le café Noir” on the old harbour of Noirmoutier

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